Adventures through a little green door.

Behind the camera.

Photography is a talent.

From my last post about Q-pot accessories, I gained a lot of learnings from utilising my own amateur skills in an attempt to portray a product in its most beautiful form. What was most evident to me was how technical photography can be, and how much skill is required to truly understand what makes an effortless, and visually stimulating image.

| On the way to the library |


I find myself de-constructing photos in my mind more often now, after being exposed to the skills which my cousin and his friends from KnM Photo shed light upon in our first shoot. Even so in my childhood, photography was present. My dad’s earlier profession resided within photography. During that time, photography was much more ‘raw’. The digital world had not yet dominated the process of imagery…yet.

This is where I found myself recently- walking through Sydney’s state library. What a beautiful library it is; so magnificent, so architectural with its high ceilings and royal pillars,  and so…academic from its many walls lined with shelves and shelves of books. If I were an avid nerd of some sort I am confident that I would have collapsed at the sight from an overload of studious joy.

| Map of the Tasman Sea |

Aside from soaking in the library’s beautiful architecture, I was lucky enough to immerse myself amongst the photos that were on show for the last of Canon’s Festival of Photography, World Press Photo exhibition in Sydney.

Witnessing such incredible photographs that told impeccable stories was one thing, however I could not help but stray at times and relish in awe at the effort that stems from the individual behind the camera, and lengths at which so many photographers would go to capture a moment, and to be at the right place and right time.

I noted down some of the photos and photographers within the exhibition that really stood out to me, unfortunately no photos allowed so I cannot show you myself.

Helen Nezdropa – Couple

Jacky Ghossein- Light Speed, and also Hurly Burly

I am catching up with an artist this week, cannot wait to give you a snippet of what he is all about. You will be impressed. I promise.


Until next time



Travel bug says ‘Just do it’

There is something about spending late nights (or extremely early mornings) with friends that seems to keep you “young” at heart (and makes the headaches, and body pains all worth the while)…

Recently I relived a crazy weekend with two of my best friends; “L” and “Mai”  who were visiting; filled with music, unflattering dance moves, overly confident strangers and temporary memory loss. I can confidently say that the girls and I are not the type to regularly return home to our beds at such rude hours in the morning, but on this occasion, there had to be an exception.

“L” is on the verge of embarking on her six month exchange to D.C in the US. It is an exciting time for her, and I can only watch with pure envy and remember my exchange three years ago in China, and the thrill of the adventure. Thinking about it makes my desire to relive that excitement even greater…So many places to see, so many things to do, so LITTLE time!

I am turning 23 this year, in just over a month.

It did not really dawn on me until it was mentioned in a conversation with a loved one. I remember birthdays being such a tease as a child. It would always feel like the longest wait before it would come along. Nowadays it seems to pop by for a quick rendezvous, and for many of our older friends, birthdays are like a vegetable that is bitter to the palette that most are reluctant to stomach.

23…. 23….

I found myself thinking about what I had achieved so far with 23 years, and if there was anything that I had hoped to achieved that I had not. (Yes, this is what a 35 year old trapped in a young person’s body thinks about in their spare time).

One thing that I really would like to experience is to live in a different country for a year. To absorb a new lifestyle, a new language, a new life. Quite an extravagant idea, I know, however is it not these kinds of marvellous and spontaneous thoughts that bring a spark to life?

The travel bug is definitely a reason for all these deep and meaningful lone conversations in my mind at the moment. Right now, I am deciding which destinations to travel to, and whether or not to travel at all this year. The struggle to make a decision stems from my eagerness to become submerged in sights that often are found in daydreams. To explore the alluring and exotic lands of Morocco? Or to visit the ethereal beauty of Japan’s nature?

A tough choice would you not agree?

I sought the opinion of a good friend and colleague of mine, much wiser in years gave me some insight with his thoughts. The big message was to forget fear and take the leap whilst you have the moment in your grasp. Perhaps that is the answer. As Nike would put it. Just do it.

Just do it. So one day you can look back on those crazy weekends, spontaneous trips and outrageous adventures, smile, and tell your grandchildren all about it.

Wouldn’t that be nice? :)

I definitely think so.

|  A section of my photo wall that needs some filling  |

Wall Decals |  Glebe Markets

I am looking forward to sharing my next post with you all soon to showcase a different concept of jewellery making that my friends and I discovered over the weekend. Photos to come.


Until next time readers




Sleeping Beauty

Sometimes the week and days go so fast that you are running at a thousand miles..and then when it finally catches up you give in and become ….

Sleeping Beauty.

I don’t think I’ll disclose exactly how much time I have spent getting to know my pillow this weekend, but I assure it was for the best. Well rested and energized I was blessed to be able to catch up with new and old friends this weekend.

One was an old friend, from back in the day in high school. It was so good to see her and relive our friendship. It is incredible that after so many years, and having experience differences in our own lives, wherever it has taken us, when we do have the chance to see each other again, nothing seems to have changed, and the time spent is still enjoyable, memorable, and we seem to laugh even harder still. Reminiscing on days when we were neighbours and used to kick back after school at the local playground,  letting the time pass us by without a care in the world and little to worry about. (Ahhh.. those were good days).  We took time to add a few more memories into our memory library with an enjoyable picnic in the comforting warm sun under the harbour bridge in Kirribilli, with chef approved sandwiches, a cheese board with fine cheese accompanied with fruit.

I continued the theme of edible delights and good conversation today in sunny Manly. Brunch with a friends I’d like to nickname Ms. Fairy Floss and a good lad named Marshy. Soaked up the sun with nibbles from a White Water.

Just a quick post of good food and good company :)

I have a huge week coming with more visitors, and hopefully some more exciting fashion, or hidden treasures to find :)

Until next time readers,


Time machines and teleportation.

Firstly, apologies for the lack of post this past week and a bit. My trip to Melbourne was an eventful one full of friends, family, good times and a touch of “magic water” if you will ;)

Along with that, after my return I also had a visitor stay with me for a week to keep me company in Sydney to continue the fun I had experienced in Melbourne.

Excuses aside, my friendly visitor and the weeks that have past have brought me to finally post today.

Time can be such a cheeky character. In the most mundane circumstance, it tends to linger around like an uninvited acquaintance that seems to miss your subtle messages of wanting to be alleviated of their presence. Yet, during the most enjoyable moments, time seems to slip away like water, trickling through the gaps between your fingers as you struggle to hold onto it, as though it is eager to escape your grasp. That is exactly how my visitor and I felt during this week.

I have found keeping in touch with family, friends, and my loves over distance part of the challenge of moving away. It can be quite a crazy circus trying to maintain communication with every single person, and keeping you sufficiently in the loop. I admit sometimes my ambition and current duties can get the better of me and cause me to lose track of even the most important people in my life. (just as I have with this blog recently- ironic).

This is when I catch myself thinking about how the world could really benefit from a time machine or teleportation. Seriously.

How fantastic would it be to be able to really give time a run for its money in a race? Barely suffer or agonize over boredom, and really, really enjoy the good times as they deserve to be enjoyed.

But…..but, but, but, but….

If that kind of technology was really available to us, then would that leave us vulnerable to becoming unappreciative of what moments are special? You could argue that it is the countdown and the moment passing that allows us to reflect and appreciate that time all together, couldn’t you?… To happily forget and leave it behind or to linger on to whatever it was that took place and miss it, or look forward to it’s possible return.

To make matters that much more bitter sweet, time decided to have a race against my visitor and I long distance too…

Which leads me to the following question; Hello teleportation? Where are you?

What a luxury it would be to never have to find yourself wishing that a particular someone was with you when you need them the most. You could simple bring yourself there within seconds, or they could be there for you within that same time. The same rule applies, I guess, that it having such a luxury would influence the value of someone or something’s presence.

A serious debate within my mind this past week, and I sense that this post has inherited a slight sci-fi feel….

Moving on.

My visitor and I enjoyed the sunshine that Sydney had been blessed with over the weekend. A day spent with lots food from around the city and an afternoon down Oxford St and Paddington Market to round up the day before dinner and sweets at Cupcakes on Pitt St. Simply delightful.

I’ll leave you with my sci-fi rant to dwell on and a few lovely snaps from our day together; sunshine, flowers, market trinkets, and cupcake OD….OD of the best kind.

Definitely going to miss my visitor, and I am looking forward to their next visit, more visitors and good times to come!

ring | sportsgirl  .  necklace |  meow girl 

Define: Vintage.

What is Vintage?

My mind has been playing with this question for some time now….particularly after I made another trip to the OP shops recently.

What can you consider as vintage? Is it from a certain era? Is it second hand? What makes it un-vintage?  Must it meet a minimum time before you can call it vintage?

To me, I believe something vintage to be from an era. A true testament to a style developed during a certain time.

I had spent a day at Manly, enjoying the scenery, fresh wind and the weekly market, and decided to test my luck in the local Salvo’s store to see what sort of hidden treasures I might stumble across.

The Op Shop experience is an interesting one.

An experienced op shopper is probably now immune or accustomed to this, but when you walk into an op shop you are welcomed with a particular smell. Or a “vintage” smell. It’s the type of smell you would probably determine is developed from the “history” within the items on show. The other part of op shopping is the abundance of material to sift through. There is definitely no shortage of items available.

Whilst browsing through the countless racks of previously loved garments and items, it was as though I were walking through a costume shop/time warp. All sorts of coats, tops, skirts and accessories purchased at a time when they were all the rage, or passed down through generations until they at last were passed on as they were believed to no longer be of use.

You can literally spend an afternoon in an op shop, because if you are like me, the thought of possibly finding a little something that is one of a kind is irresistible. The best part is what you find is likely affordable and the money is well spent for a good cause too!

My latest obsession is what I managed to find in amongst what was waiting in the Manly Salvo’s store.

A cute little purse in mushroom pink, complete with a pleated detail and carry chain. I love. Do you? I’ll bet you will love that it was an affordable $10 as well.

It just goes to show a little vintage searching can really add to your wardrobe, without hurting your hip pocket.

I hope you have had a great weekend, and I cannot wait to make my next update as I will be returning back to Melbourne this week for a weekend trip. Keep you posted! (pun intended)


Forever devoted to Peter. Naivety at heart.

Photographs are the most amazing things. They capture a moment, freeze it in time so that it will be forever remembered. The most profound characteristic of a photograph, I believe, is it’s ability to evoke emotion. When you remember what it was that is immortalised in a photo, everything that you felt at that moment resurfaces. That, or you develop new ones remembering the past.

That is what has brought me to this photo…..

My mum and sisters came across this photo whilst they were flicking through some old pictures over the weekend, and pointed out how small I used to be, and how even back then I did not object to a little peter pan collar.

Some things change and some things stay the same…

I went on a mission over the weekend for two things in particular…….

I cannot hold back the excitement as I type away to tell you all about it, because the story is quite exciting itself.

This long weekend has been a brilliant one at that, even though mother nature was and is still crying her eyes out and making our skies rain by the bucket load, I still have managed to turn this gloomy mini-break into an eventful one.

Yesterday morning was no different to the past few days. The wind was howling, and the rain was falling in a borderline supernatural direction. I got up, braved the icy atmosphere, got dressed (with thermals I may add) and made the short trip down to the coast at Bondi for the weekly market.

Indeed it seems absurd to head towards a beach when the sun itself is hiding from the winter weather…but not when you have an opportunity to meet the founder and creater of Gary Pepper Vintage, and also have the opportunity of first pick from GPV’s first market stall ever! (are you with me now? yes..I thought you would be).

What can I say? My fingers where chilled to the bone, but the excitement from browsing through the collection of unique cardigans, jumpers, dresses, and accessories was too good to miss. After much agonizing debate about which of the pretty picks to take home, I managed to walk away with a few peter pan collared editions to my wardrobe (yes! *fist pump?*) and a few pretty dresses too (which I shall feature in Little Green Door’s next shoot :) ).

Apart from the spending, I was also lucky enough to meet Ms. Nicole Warne! , and I can confirm that she is just as lovely as you would believe to be in person. As I gather, Ms. Warne and GPV will be returning to the Bondi markets again soon. So be sure to keep a close watch for that news, I know I will be.

Image via iPhone 

Bag | Gary Pepper Vintage Tote

Hope you have been keeping warm and staying dry,

Until next time x

Delicious Wear.

Books, Teapots, and Delicious accessories….


Ever since I started full time work, weekends have become so precious. During the week whilst you are at work you get into a “zone” where you transform into a buzzing bee, flying around as fast as your little wings can carry you around a bustling city. So when the weekend finally comes, it is such a lovely feeling to know that the next 48 hours can be spent being whatever it is you like, doing whatever it is you want to do. Whether it be to do everything at once, nothing at all or to catch up on something.

Catching up is exactly what I have devoted my weekend to this time around.

It has been a long time since I have picked up a book and read it from front to back and really immersed myself in the story that leaps out of the pages. To add, it has been a long time since I have done so with a nice cup of tea from my own teapot…[hellooo segue :P].

This is where I found myself; book-less and tea-less from my lack of teapot..ness. Until I visited T2 and bought myself a pretty teapot from their current collection, and purchased two books I have been meaning to read. I felt such a sense of accomplishment (sad, but true). I had finally found a teapot which I was happy with! (I am not sure why I harbour such a sensitivity to a teapot’s image? Perhaps it stems from the fact that teapots are as decorative as they are functional. At least, that is my excuse.) and also I am finally reading the last Harry Potter installment; The Deathly Hallows. I have no idea how I have managed to come this far without being confronted by a spoiler, I intend on reading it before the next film opens.

Now, where do accessories fall into this equation?..

Quite easily, and on a plate actually… all thanks to Q-pot accessories.

I stumbled across this amazing line whilst I was browsing at a store within the CBD called, Via Alley. It is a Sydney based chain store which specialises in importing the finest of creative and beautiful pieces which are not found within Australia. Each of Via Alley’s stores displays a unique variety of clothing, accessories, jewellery, cameras, home ware, media and even toys! All of which are created from their rich list of over fifty artists and designers around the globe. (spoilt for choice? Definitely.) You can find a list of all their stores and also purchase their items conveniently online at their website.

Via Alley, The Galeries Victoria on George St, Sydney

Image| via http://www.viaalley.com

Tadaaki Wakamatsu (Harajuku/Tokyo, Japan), creator of Q-pot accessories, is easily one of my favourite picks within the Via Alley stores. Q-pot’s designs are inspired by cakes and desserts; transforming tasty treats into deliciously wearable jewellery. They are fashioned together with such detail that it is hard to not feel a little bit peck-ish when you admire them. I could not help myself from adding a little sweetness into my wardrobe with a cupcake necklace.

Each Q-pot piece comes with a sealable bag to protect it from damage and maintain it’s original condition. Via Alley is the only Sydney stockist of Q-pot, however you can find out more about Q-pot and a list of all stockists via the official website http://www.q-pot.jp/eng/index.html .


As I end this post, the weekend is soon drawing to an end….how bitter sweet…

That being said, the weekend is also like a long distance love; you rejoice as it comes to visit not too often, for it to only to stay for a moment and leave you longing for when it returns, and the wait seems longer than ever.


So true.

Hope you are enjoying the last of the weekend :)

The return of Peter Pan :)

I am sure that many of you can recall a time when you have a picture or a vision of a garment fit for a particular occasion in time. You know exactly what you want it to look like. The style, shape, the fit, colour, material… it is all there in your head, ready and waiting to be worn (you can even envision yourself strutting down the street in this amazing new number with envious heads turning… admit it … you do).

However the cruel part of this perfect story is…..you cannot find it in the ‘real’ world….and no matter how hard you look, nothing remotely close to it will tick all the criteria boxes you have on your ‘perfect item’ list.

It was only days ago that I found myself ranting on the phone to a friend in Melbourne about how distraught I was last year at my inability to locate my perfect peter pan collared shirt. Such a way to live up to it’s name… (I thought)……  

Not.  Any.  More.

Which is why I am jumping up and down uncontrollably like a Justin Bieber crazed groupy that these cute little collars are making a quick return to the fashion scene.

When I think of peter pan collars, I visualise tea dresses with your girlfriends at a tea party, proper and quaint outfits, with a crisp and social feel. It is a unique and special design that leaves a note of innocence and class from it’s vintage heritage. The most lovable thing about the peter pan is that it can be worn all year round (as long as you have prepared yourself with appropriate sleeves and material per season).

Though I have yet to still find “the one” …it is comforting to see more and more glimpses of the peter pan collar. If you could say so, it is like the new brogue shoe. Once forgotten, then revived and now as lively as ever. (yay!)

My latest peter pan find was located at ASOS. You can also find a selection of peter pan collars or round tip collars at American Apparel and Gary Pepper Vintage will be letting some peter pan love loose very soon within their winter collection!

top | ASOS  .  skirt | ASOS  .  socks | american apparel  .  shoes | vintage  .  accessories | typo 

[ images created via instagram ]

I shall leave you with this tonight;

Originally, Peter Pan’s outfit was made of autumn leaves and cobwebs, and the character was often played by an adult women on stage….I am not sure if that makes a connection to the peter pan collar at all..perhaps it is the women part…or not. 

Hope you are having a great week, and are keeping dry (it is raining by the bucket load where I am!).

Until next time x.

Young Talent Time.

You can learn so much from the people around you. The learning could be simple and logical or it could be a lesson learnt that opens your eyes to more opportunities and sometimes causes you to lose sleep in deep thought.

It could be expected from a person, and often it can come as a delighting surprise.

Two people in particular have brought me to compose this post tonight….

One is an individual of a high calibre intelligence. A well respected man who is admired by many. Last week he presented his thoughts to my peers and I about the importance of self, and the importance of the values that individuals hold true to themselves. He spoke about integrity, honour, truth, loyalty and achievement and that these values were those that he held above all others. To cut a long story short, he highlighted the dilemma when people face when challenged with choice; and noted that it is common to find that changing circumstances within these choices, cause the values which people feel strongly about to sway in perspective, and thus can lead to an inbalance in the degree of importance that these values have….and his story ended with a lesson, and also a favour owed towards self; to never let anything, or circumstance influence how you, as a person, respect and appreciate your values- because it will keep you grounded.

The second is a young girl whom I cherish [Bianca Lai]. She surprises me more often than none with her growing intelligence and natural creativity. I can definitely say out loud on this forum that she is a reminder to me of how brilliant young minds can be, and a testament to aspiring young people. Her passion and drive encourage me to do the same and also strive for my dreams and what I hope for in success and fulfillment. Today she caught me on a phone call, and amongst all her hysteric gasps of excitement she managed to let me know that her creativity in photography had been publicly acknowledged!

She has been shortlisted under Australia’s Nathional Youth Week SnapIT Junior’s People Choice Award (what a mouthfull!) You will have to check it out yourselves to really see how effortlessly touching her work is here.

You can also view the other candidates who have photographed a submission to create awareness around missing persons, youth and families.

Voting for this competition ends Friday June 10, EST at 11:59pm


What better way to start a new week with inspiration and insight…

Be on the look out at Little Green Door for my next post coming soon. VERY soon :)

Helping Japan with a T.

Taking a trip down memory lane to the year 2009, my girlfriends and I took a long overdue trip overseas to the beautiful country of Japan. We spent a quick 10 days in the phenomenal city of Tokyo and explored Harajuku lane, Roppongi Hills, Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, and the serenity of Mt. Fuji.

Everytime I recall my short, but definitely sweet adventure in Tokyo, I always find myself reminiscing with a smile and digging through all the experiences we had encapsulated within photos. I think it is safe to say that I fell quickly in love with Tokyo, and Japan. So much so, that I made a decision to revisit within 2 years to learn more about the country and explore more of it’s amazing and rich culture. The people, the food, the cities, and the atmosphere had such a profound influence on me that to this day I do not dismiss the idea of possibly living there as a ‘must-do’ on my bucket list. 

After Japan fell victim to natural disasters, I felt compelled to assist in some way to a, hopefully, speedy recovery; towards rebuilding the livelihood that these beautiful people have developed and perfected over time.

As such I chose Inner Spoken’s limited edition design T-shirt as an avenue to make a contribution to support Japan.



shirt| Inner Spoken (www.innerspoken.com)

I hope you have all had a great week so far, and remember…

The smallest good deed, is greater than the grandest good intention….