My name is Amanda.

ABC; Australian born chinese,

Melbourne girl, born and raised.

September baby and a virgo, which makes me neat (sometimes).

Contemporary, yet appreciative of the best that has been and gone;

Friends and family make me the happiest.

ipod collection= vast. consists anywhere from big band, motown, the beach boys and the supremes to michael jackson, bruno mars, lady gaga. (not ashamed to play some spice girls for a trip down memory lane or bop my head to some bieber fever)

Adore fashion from the 40s,50s, and 60s, and love fashion all together.

I also love FOOD.  If only “avid food eater” was considered a credible skill?

Keeping active is something I work on. (Food is my weakness)

Some describe me as the following; compassionate, tolerant (to an extent), creative, realistic, ambitious, “a 35 year old trapped in a young person’s body” ha!


August last year I packed my bags, said a sad goodbye to beautiful Melbourne and moved to Sydney for an adventure. It has been a rollercoaster ride ever since. It is incredible what you can learn about yourself when you dive into the unknown…..

With every person comes a passion and love which is fueled by something that keeps them driven.

For me, it is many things. Family, friends, food, fashion, music, art, and who knows what else will come along.

For now, my mission is to further investigate these interests and to relieve the itch of learning more about them, and to share the journey and discovery with you via this digital avenue of fashion lifestyle :)

This is why I founded Little Green Door


what’s in a name?

Where did Little Green Door come from? ….

When I was a child I always daydreamed about opening a coffee/cake shop for my friends. A place where I could bake goodies and share them with my loved ones and hold regular tea parties. For some reason, I always invisioned this little store with a green door. I am not sure why, but it could not be any other colour. It had to be green, and that was  that.

The significance of the door itself, at the risk of sounding cliche, symbolizes the unknown. Particularly because, it took me too long to take the leap and really make a start on this blog. It is also relevant to where I am in life at the moment. There are so many doors to open, and so many things to share with you all…

Doors conceal what opportunities or suprises are waiting behind them. Finding out exactly what is there for us to learn or discover really is left up to us…