L is in the air.

by lgreendoor

Hello Readers,

L. You all know the word. I find myself blogging about it this afternoon because for the first time in a long time, I have been able to see it with a clear conscious and further realize how dear that word is. I used to be someone who used it frequently, and handed it out like a free coupon. Then one day, the consequence of that hit me hard. I had reduced the meaning of the word, and I realized how there was now no other word that could really express how I felt. Truly. For treating it that way, it had lost its purpose and was no longer special. Like an obedient pet it became the very thing I had conditioned it to be; a cheap, free coupon.

So now what? Well, I treat it with respect, and like a precious penny, I use it wisely.

– It always comes in threes –

When it seems that life has a reoccurring theme you may have heard this superstitious phrase casually thrown about. I am not usually the superstitious kind, but I do find circumstances that lead me to believe that there may be some kind of truth to it. Either that or once it has been brought to my attention; whatever it is becomes that much easier to spot.

What I have been noticing of late is that there is something in the air. It seems that cupid has been hovering around town and shooting arrows like no tomorrow….and for that, I say thank you to the butt naked little guy.

It’s so exciting for me to see someone become infatuated. To witness their romance unfold like a real time chick flick, and watch them walk as though they are lighter than a feather being swept by the wind. Watching them smile at a message received from ‘you know who’ (even if it is Voldemort), and hear their music play list transform to one that is not too different from an evening on the radio with Richard Mercer and his love song dedications.

It must be the fact that it makes me think of a new L. The highs and then the higher highs. Even so, when I really consider L, I am happiest when I have the opportunity to see old people on the street holding hands. For me, it is an image of a long lasting journey.

I found this little vintage beauty last year in Sydney when I visited GPV at the Bondi markets. The lace detail leading to the sweet heart neckline is definitely what caught my eye. To me, it is such a sweet dress and it reminds me of romance.

People say that it can be the longest road to find your “other half”. That may be true, however I find comfort in knowing that people have searched, and in the end found Love.

However, for now, I am content.

A huge shout out to Abi, and Santa Breganza- Welcome :)

Until next time,