Wakarimasen & Ho Ho Ho!

by lgreendoor

Hello Readers!

Firstly, I hope you all had a marvelous and festive Christmas, and that you are preparing your livers and bellies for the continued monstrosity of binge eating and drinking (ha!). I remember when I was a little girl; I used to hang out for the holiday season. As I recall it was absolutely agonizing! It would always be the longest wait, and back in primary school, I always found myself having to make Christmas count downs of all sorts each year, and it would always kill me knowing I had to count down from 25 days. Cruel much?

It definitely has taken a different turn this year. 2011’s Christmas seemed to creep up behind me without me noticing, and it brought its New Year 2012 friend along too. “Double the effect” was probably the idea behind this scare tactic.

Surprised as I may be, I will admit that I am not as paranoid about the New Year as other, more paranoid individuals may be (what? with this apocalyptic fever lingering in the air). Yes, contrary to this, I have a jittery buzz in my belly that’s making my brain have reason to believe that, for me, 2012 is going to be amazing. I welcome it with open arms, like a new face you know will become a close friend.

Maybe this inspiration I am harbouring has been fuelled by a series of things. The latest was on Christmas day. I received a book as a gift from my sister. “Now Is the Time” by Patrick Lindsay. A delectable little hard cover; containing page after page of inspirational messages for its reader. If you are struggling to think of a New years resolution, you’ll definitely find something that you will be driven to follow from this book.

On a completely different note, I thought I’d post a look I put together the other day. I love experimenting with different textures, particularly for really simple looks. I feel that it can add dimension and bring interest into an ensemble. Just as colours do. Some might think that I probably could do with some more fitted garments in my wardrobe, but I like the flow and structure of a loose top on my shoulders (Plus it is hella comfy haha). I teamed this burnt orange shirt with some shorts with a faded check, and suede green heels (which I brought over from Japan, because I fell in love with them). You’ll notice the leather camera case, which I mentioned in my previous post. I was finally united with it whilst I was overseas. It’s from KAZA Deluxe, a business that prides itself on hand made leather cases. There are cases for specific models of cameras, so depending on your model, you could add some vintage-esque beauty to your picture taker too.

I felt a simplistic look with minimal accessories was appropriate on this occasion, but a few gold bangles and brass jewelry would not have gone astray here.

top . sportsgirl  |  shorts . mink pink  |  heels . osaka,japan  |  accessories .  vintage & pandora 

Photos courtesy of -smilesunshine

If I haven’t made this post long enough, I thought I’d show you some snaps I took whilst I was there, perhaps in an attempt to convince you that you too should also make your there some time soon :) Along with those I have already posted on Instagram :)

OKAY. I’m out.

Until next time!!!