Yes, they are the coolest.

by lgreendoor

Good evening readers. Or should I say good morning, as it is past midnight now. A post in such early hours indeed.

As I am typing away I am in the most anxious mood. Sitting here, I am jittery, and quite wide eyed. Which is appropriate.

Japan is only hours away, and I am attempting to ease the long flight by staying up, and becoming as tired as possible to literally “skip” it and wake up to find I have already landed. Well, that is the plan anyway.

So before I do embark on my trip, I decided to make a post and touch base with you.

A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of spending time with my godmother, and her partner at their lovely home in Watsonia. It is always a joy to visit them. They are two of the most beautiful people in the world. Honestly. Every close friend of mine who has met them or been within their presence has only relayed to me how cool these crazy kids are. Yes, they are the coolest.

There are always good times to be had at the house of Shane and Cheryl (and Branson- the biggest puppy in the world). Anyone who is lucky enough to know them would probably agree when I say it is almost like coming home..except… it isn’t your home. If I could give you a better explanation of what it is like, going to Shane and Cheryl’s for me is like Harry Potter heading back to Hogwarts. Ha!

I will put it down to their incredibly warm nature, and the fact that these two individuals have many welcoming talents, that both amaze and awe me. The Mrs. I have known since I was born. She is blessed with creative wealth, and when I visited this week, their home was adorned with the annual nutcracker figurines and artwork she so effortlessly produces. The Mr., I have known since I was only eight, and he is like a wizard in the kitchen. He bakes, he roasts, he stir fries, he wood-fire-ovens, he brews…well, he basically masterchefs, and I cannot be happier being his guinea pig when required to test his latest cuisine or plum wine (mmmmm plum wine).

On this occasion my plum wine was accompanied with a classic roast, with the classic roast veggies, of course. With a side of hysterical laughs, d and m’s, followed by delicious tart tatin for dessert and some scruffing the dog’s ears as well.


A perfect way to send me off overseas; with friends. Neigh. Family, that remain ever close even with plenty of time apart.

Those are the qualities in friendships that people should seek, and once found, should never lose.

Until next time readers,

If you are up reading this as I post, you are amazing. I shall do my best to post whilst I am overseas.