New Beginnings.

by lgreendoor

Hello Readers!

My absence can only be explained by one thing….. Bugs.

Bugs, with a disease of neglect. Infecting me with their dirty non-frequent blogging habits, preventing me from being or becoming the better blogger I hope to be…

Okay, let’s face it, most of you readers, and fellow bloggers will know well enough that the absence is only really my fault. I feel terrible for blogging about this again for the third time!

I can make it up to you readers, I can, because there has been a lot to warrant my disappearance since my last post.

…….(wait for it)…….

I quit my job,

and moved back to Melbourne.


Such a drastic story? ..Yes, and No.

Despite the relaxation and warmth of returning home, I am sad to leave the city of Sydney behind, there were good times to be had there (even though Melbourne is better- excuse my Melbournian patriotism). I miss all the people that enriched my life up there. The people that supported me, and the people that took me under their wing and adopted me into their friendship groups, and families (Shout out to you all, sending you hugs and kisses).

As I spoke of in my previous posts, I had struggled with what I was doing at the time in Sydney and whether that particular line of work and lifestyle was what I truly desired. I think the decision to walk away from that, by far, has been one of the most difficult conversations I have had to myself. There was so much risk. The stakes were high, and the consequences great…. but I did it.

I chose to take a leap of faith.

I cannot describe to you, how free and excited I feel at this present moment. It is quite liberating, and alarming all at once, being that I made a choice to free myself….to numerous more choices.

So over the next following posts, you will be able to see what I get myself up to with all this time I have now gained. What journeys will come next? Plenty of exciting ones at that.

My sister and I will finally be heading off to Japan in ten days. I’ll be sure to document what our silly selves get up to with my camera! I received my Olympus Pen EP3 a few days ago, and I am…stoked :D I am absolutely in love with it. As Olympus puts it, “most people think that a cool new camera has to look like it came from the future, the PEN looks like it came from your dad”. I’ve just placed an order for some camera accessories to suit the vintage feel of the PEN, I will keep you updated on how it looks.

dress | Johann Earl .  nails | American Apparel 

Images courtesy of Ms. B

Before then, I’ll be brushing up on some needed photography skills for Japan.

Until next time,