Colour blocktastic.

by lgreendoor

Hi Readers,

I cannot believe I am hours away from turning 23.
In fact, I cannot believe I have been in such a crazy mess of a few weeks that I completely lost track that it was
coming around the corner, let alone the fact that we are already in September! (before we know it we’ll be grilling fresh prawns and sea food and celebrating merry festivities and the beginning of a new year).

Winter, itself has almost vanished (though it barely stayed around for long in Sydney), and now Spring beckons to fill our gardens with vibrant flowers, and our sinuses with horrid hay-fever (nooo!). Thus, a new season also calls upon a change in the wardrobe. The trend which you probably have also seen being splashed about like no tomorrow, takes the form of bright bold colours, which you pair together to colour block.

Walking through a store that embraces the latest look is a little like walking into The Wiggles wardrobe by accident at times. I have to admit that my eyes were a little sensitive to the drastic splashes of colour. Not to say that I was not willing to adventure in bold colouring, rather I felt that I’d be appreciative to an extent.

As such, I have made piece with the neon bright possibilities with this little beauty I snapped up from GPV’s collection. I had a bit of cheeky fun with the POP of the bright yellow. Cannot help but think of mango sorbet when I look at it. Deliciously yellow, don’t you think?

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I’m looking into updating myself with some new technology soon. Any thoughts from readers about the Olympus Pen Ep-3?
On another note, this warmer weather is getting me pretty excited about sitting in the sun by the beach with some cool tunes, smooth ice cream, some good company and some tribal inspired looks too for the wardrobe :)

Hope you are as giddy as I am too.
Until next time,