Home Bakery.

by lgreendoor

Everyone experiences a little craze or new found glory at some stage, and it can happen often, and a lot for some.

Over the past few rainy weekends, my latest craze which I am channelling at home is baking!

Aside from my eager palette for sweet treats, baking was a great way for me to cure the boredom on a rainy day cooped up inside. Contrary to recent and latest reality cooking programs, baking can be quite calming.

I am sure many will agree with the fact that there is something satisfying about popping something in the oven, watching it bake, overloading your senses with the beautifully scented aromas that fill the kitchen, and finally relishing the taste (if successfully baked) with a cup of tea :)

I managed to make a candied lemon cake, some chocolate cupcakes, and tried my amateur hand cupcake decorating too!

Images via Instagram :) 

(I love IG!)

What do you get up to when you are itching to escape boredom?

Quick post today,

Until next time :)