AHW Creations.

by lgreendoor

Hellooooooo readers. I know I went missing again. I am truly sorry, and to make up for my absence I’m posting today about the artist that I mentioned in my previous post.

You will. Be. Pleased.

It is always so exciting when you come across something unique unexpectedly. The feeling is similar to finding some loose change or a coloured note you had initially stowed away in a jacket pocket, all this in the week you are becoming broke. (fist pump with a YES!)

Last post I blogged about a group of designers that I discovered at The Rocks Market a few weeks back, and I was very fortunate to catch up with one of the brains behind the innovative collection created by AHW Creations, Angus Zhao.

So who is Angus and what is AHW all about?

Speaking to Angus I sense that there is an immense appreciation for the simpler things in life. He points out that to him, today’s world fails to value simpler pleasures in life that are available literally under our nose, and a luxury does not have to be a designer bag worth your life savings, your arm and your friend’s arm too. It is what you make of it. ‘Like knowing your best friend who lives on the other side of town versus getting to know your neighbour who is right next door’.

AHW began and still is a family business, ‘ founded by [his] parents, and found by [him]’ . Naturally, with his creative background, Angus soon followed suit and after finishing his graphic design education at college, and with the support and encouragement from mother and father Zhao, he has been designing for the collection ever since.

The collection boasts a rich ensemble of jewellery and unique pieces of art created from the fusion of functionality and wear-ability from the simplicity of vintage watches. ‘Intercepting art where possible’ AHW prides itself on sourcing vintage watches, or watches that are broken beyond repair to expose and reveal the pure essence of a watch’s mechanical beauty behind its face and juxtapose it with Victorian elegance. Transforming the ordinary, to extraordinary. (Not to mention the browny points there for recycling!)

My own piece of mechanical elegance complete with a card detailing the watch’s model.

bracelet  |  AHW Creations 

Drawing inspiration from fashion houses such as G-star, mechanical structure, and elegant fashion, AHW strives to utilise it’s steampunk style to ‘mix the past and the future together in harmony’. Creating each piece individually to accentuate it’s raw beauty.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”…After today’s post you have to admit there is definitely new meaning attached with the phrase.

If you ever get the opportunity to delight over the pieces yourself, definitely do so! You will not be disappointed.

Hope you are having a marvellous week in the chill.

Until next time