Behind the camera.

by lgreendoor

Photography is a talent.

From my last post about Q-pot accessories, I gained a lot of learnings from utilising my own amateur skills in an attempt to portray a product in its most beautiful form. What was most evident to me was how technical photography can be, and how much skill is required to truly understand what makes an effortless, and visually stimulating image.

| On the way to the library |


I find myself de-constructing photos in my mind more often now, after being exposed to the skills which my cousin and his friends from KnM Photo shed light upon in our first shoot. Even so in my childhood, photography was present. My dad’s earlier profession resided within photography. During that time, photography was much more ‘raw’. The digital world had not yet dominated the process of imagery…yet.

This is where I found myself recently- walking through Sydney’s state library. What a beautiful library it is; so magnificent, so architectural with its high ceilings and royal pillars,  and so…academic from its many walls lined with shelves and shelves of books. If I were an avid nerd of some sort I am confident that I would have collapsed at the sight from an overload of studious joy.

| Map of the Tasman Sea |

Aside from soaking in the library’s beautiful architecture, I was lucky enough to immerse myself amongst the photos that were on show for the last of Canon’s Festival of Photography, World Press Photo exhibition in Sydney.

Witnessing such incredible photographs that told impeccable stories was one thing, however I could not help but stray at times and relish in awe at the effort that stems from the individual behind the camera, and lengths at which so many photographers would go to capture a moment, and to be at the right place and right time.

I noted down some of the photos and photographers within the exhibition that really stood out to me, unfortunately no photos allowed so I cannot show you myself.

Helen Nezdropa – Couple

Jacky Ghossein- Light Speed, and also Hurly Burly

I am catching up with an artist this week, cannot wait to give you a snippet of what he is all about. You will be impressed. I promise.


Until next time