Travel bug says ‘Just do it’

by lgreendoor

There is something about spending late nights (or extremely early mornings) with friends that seems to keep you “young” at heart (and makes the headaches, and body pains all worth the while)…

Recently I relived a crazy weekend with two of my best friends; “L” and “Mai”  who were visiting; filled with music, unflattering dance moves, overly confident strangers and temporary memory loss. I can confidently say that the girls and I are not the type to regularly return home to our beds at such rude hours in the morning, but on this occasion, there had to be an exception.

“L” is on the verge of embarking on her six month exchange to D.C in the US. It is an exciting time for her, and I can only watch with pure envy and remember my exchange three years ago in China, and the thrill of the adventure. Thinking about it makes my desire to relive that excitement even greater…So many places to see, so many things to do, so LITTLE time!

I am turning 23 this year, in just over a month.

It did not really dawn on me until it was mentioned in a conversation with a loved one. I remember birthdays being such a tease as a child. It would always feel like the longest wait before it would come along. Nowadays it seems to pop by for a quick rendezvous, and for many of our older friends, birthdays are like a vegetable that is bitter to the palette that most are reluctant to stomach.

23…. 23….

I found myself thinking about what I had achieved so far with 23 years, and if there was anything that I had hoped to achieved that I had not. (Yes, this is what a 35 year old trapped in a young person’s body thinks about in their spare time).

One thing that I really would like to experience is to live in a different country for a year. To absorb a new lifestyle, a new language, a new life. Quite an extravagant idea, I know, however is it not these kinds of marvellous and spontaneous thoughts that bring a spark to life?

The travel bug is definitely a reason for all these deep and meaningful lone conversations in my mind at the moment. Right now, I am deciding which destinations to travel to, and whether or not to travel at all this year. The struggle to make a decision stems from my eagerness to become submerged in sights that often are found in daydreams. To explore the alluring and exotic lands of Morocco? Or to visit the ethereal beauty of Japan’s nature?

A tough choice would you not agree?

I sought the opinion of a good friend and colleague of mine, much wiser in years gave me some insight with his thoughts. The big message was to forget fear and take the leap whilst you have the moment in your grasp. Perhaps that is the answer. As Nike would put it. Just do it.

Just do it. So one day you can look back on those crazy weekends, spontaneous trips and outrageous adventures, smile, and tell your grandchildren all about it.

Wouldn’t that be nice? :)

I definitely think so.

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Wall Decals |  Glebe Markets

I am looking forward to sharing my next post with you all soon to showcase a different concept of jewellery making that my friends and I discovered over the weekend. Photos to come.


Until next time readers