Sleeping Beauty

by lgreendoor

Sometimes the week and days go so fast that you are running at a thousand miles..and then when it finally catches up you give in and become ….

Sleeping Beauty.

I don’t think I’ll disclose exactly how much time I have spent getting to know my pillow this weekend, but I assure it was for the best. Well rested and energized I was blessed to be able to catch up with new and old friends this weekend.

One was an old friend, from back in the day in high school. It was so good to see her and relive our friendship. It is incredible that after so many years, and having experience differences in our own lives, wherever it has taken us, when we do have the chance to see each other again, nothing seems to have changed, and the time spent is still enjoyable, memorable, and we seem to laugh even harder still. Reminiscing on days when we were neighbours and used to kick back after school at the local playground,  letting the time pass us by without a care in the world and little to worry about. (Ahhh.. those were good days).  We took time to add a few more memories into our memory library with an enjoyable picnic in the comforting warm sun under the harbour bridge in Kirribilli, with chef approved sandwiches, a cheese board with fine cheese accompanied with fruit.

I continued the theme of edible delights and good conversation today in sunny Manly. Brunch with a friends I’d like to nickname Ms. Fairy Floss and a good lad named Marshy. Soaked up the sun with nibbles from a White Water.

Just a quick post of good food and good company :)

I have a huge week coming with more visitors, and hopefully some more exciting fashion, or hidden treasures to find :)

Until next time readers,