Time machines and teleportation.

by lgreendoor

Firstly, apologies for the lack of post this past week and a bit. My trip to Melbourne was an eventful one full of friends, family, good times and a touch of “magic water” if you will ;)

Along with that, after my return I also had a visitor stay with me for a week to keep me company in Sydney to continue the fun I had experienced in Melbourne.

Excuses aside, my friendly visitor and the weeks that have past have brought me to finally post today.

Time can be such a cheeky character. In the most mundane circumstance, it tends to linger around like an uninvited acquaintance that seems to miss your subtle messages of wanting to be alleviated of their presence. Yet, during the most enjoyable moments, time seems to slip away like water, trickling through the gaps between your fingers as you struggle to hold onto it, as though it is eager to escape your grasp. That is exactly how my visitor and I felt during this week.

I have found keeping in touch with family, friends, and my loves over distance part of the challenge of moving away. It can be quite a crazy circus trying to maintain communication with every single person, and keeping you sufficiently in the loop. I admit sometimes my ambition and current duties can get the better of me and cause me to lose track of even the most important people in my life. (just as I have with this blog recently- ironic).

This is when I catch myself thinking about how the world could really benefit from a time machine or teleportation. Seriously.

How fantastic would it be to be able to really give time a run for its money in a race? Barely suffer or agonize over boredom, and really, really enjoy the good times as they deserve to be enjoyed.

But…..but, but, but, but….

If that kind of technology was really available to us, then would that leave us vulnerable to becoming unappreciative of what moments are special? You could argue that it is the countdown and the moment passing that allows us to reflect and appreciate that time all together, couldn’t you?… To happily forget and leave it behind or to linger on to whatever it was that took place and miss it, or look forward to it’s possible return.

To make matters that much more bitter sweet, time decided to have a race against my visitor and I long distance too…

Which leads me to the following question; Hello teleportation? Where are you?

What a luxury it would be to never have to find yourself wishing that a particular someone was with you when you need them the most. You could simple bring yourself there within seconds, or they could be there for you within that same time. The same rule applies, I guess, that it having such a luxury would influence the value of someone or something’s presence.

A serious debate within my mind this past week, and I sense that this post has inherited a slight sci-fi feel….

Moving on.

My visitor and I enjoyed the sunshine that Sydney had been blessed with over the weekend. A day spent with lots food from around the city and an afternoon down Oxford St and Paddington Market to round up the day before dinner and sweets at Cupcakes on Pitt St. Simply delightful.

I’ll leave you with my sci-fi rant to dwell on and a few lovely snaps from our day together; sunshine, flowers, market trinkets, and cupcake OD….OD of the best kind.

Definitely going to miss my visitor, and I am looking forward to their next visit, more visitors and good times to come!

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