Define: Vintage.

by lgreendoor

What is Vintage?

My mind has been playing with this question for some time now….particularly after I made another trip to the OP shops recently.

What can you consider as vintage? Is it from a certain era? Is it second hand? What makes it un-vintage?  Must it meet a minimum time before you can call it vintage?

To me, I believe something vintage to be from an era. A true testament to a style developed during a certain time.

I had spent a day at Manly, enjoying the scenery, fresh wind and the weekly market, and decided to test my luck in the local Salvo’s store to see what sort of hidden treasures I might stumble across.

The Op Shop experience is an interesting one.

An experienced op shopper is probably now immune or accustomed to this, but when you walk into an op shop you are welcomed with a particular smell. Or a “vintage” smell. It’s the type of smell you would probably determine is developed from the “history” within the items on show. The other part of op shopping is the abundance of material to sift through. There is definitely no shortage of items available.

Whilst browsing through the countless racks of previously loved garments and items, it was as though I were walking through a costume shop/time warp. All sorts of coats, tops, skirts and accessories purchased at a time when they were all the rage, or passed down through generations until they at last were passed on as they were believed to no longer be of use.

You can literally spend an afternoon in an op shop, because if you are like me, the thought of possibly finding a little something that is one of a kind is irresistible. The best part is what you find is likely affordable and the money is well spent for a good cause too!

My latest obsession is what I managed to find in amongst what was waiting in the Manly Salvo’s store.

A cute little purse in mushroom pink, complete with a pleated detail and carry chain. I love. Do you? I’ll bet you will love that it was an affordable $10 as well.

It just goes to show a little vintage searching can really add to your wardrobe, without hurting your hip pocket.

I hope you have had a great weekend, and I cannot wait to make my next update as I will be returning back to Melbourne this week for a weekend trip. Keep you posted! (pun intended)