Forever devoted to Peter. Naivety at heart.

by lgreendoor

Photographs are the most amazing things. They capture a moment, freeze it in time so that it will be forever remembered. The most profound characteristic of a photograph, I believe, is it’s ability to evoke emotion. When you remember what it was that is immortalised in a photo, everything that you felt at that moment resurfaces. That, or you develop new ones remembering the past.

That is what has brought me to this photo…..

My mum and sisters came across this photo whilst they were flicking through some old pictures over the weekend, and pointed out how small I used to be, and how even back then I did not object to a little peter pan collar.

Some things change and some things stay the same…

I went on a mission over the weekend for two things in particular…….

I cannot hold back the excitement as I type away to tell you all about it, because the story is quite exciting itself.

This long weekend has been a brilliant one at that, even though mother nature was and is still crying her eyes out and making our skies rain by the bucket load, I still have managed to turn this gloomy mini-break into an eventful one.

Yesterday morning was no different to the past few days. The wind was howling, and the rain was falling in a borderline supernatural direction. I got up, braved the icy atmosphere, got dressed (with thermals I may add) and made the short trip down to the coast at Bondi for the weekly market.

Indeed it seems absurd to head towards a beach when the sun itself is hiding from the winter weather…but not when you have an opportunity to meet the founder and creater of Gary Pepper Vintage, and also have the opportunity of first pick from GPV’s first market stall ever! (are you with me now? yes..I thought you would be).

What can I say? My fingers where chilled to the bone, but the excitement from browsing through the collection of unique cardigans, jumpers, dresses, and accessories was too good to miss. After much agonizing debate about which of the pretty picks to take home, I managed to walk away with a few peter pan collared editions to my wardrobe (yes! *fist pump?*) and a few pretty dresses too (which I shall feature in Little Green Door’s next shoot :) ).

Apart from the spending, I was also lucky enough to meet Ms. Nicole Warne! , and I can confirm that she is just as lovely as you would believe to be in person. As I gather, Ms. Warne and GPV will be returning to the Bondi markets again soon. So be sure to keep a close watch for that news, I know I will be.

Image via iPhone 

Bag | Gary Pepper Vintage Tote

Hope you have been keeping warm and staying dry,

Until next time x