Delicious Wear.

by lgreendoor

Books, Teapots, and Delicious accessories….


Ever since I started full time work, weekends have become so precious. During the week whilst you are at work you get into a “zone” where you transform into a buzzing bee, flying around as fast as your little wings can carry you around a bustling city. So when the weekend finally comes, it is such a lovely feeling to know that the next 48 hours can be spent being whatever it is you like, doing whatever it is you want to do. Whether it be to do everything at once, nothing at all or to catch up on something.

Catching up is exactly what I have devoted my weekend to this time around.

It has been a long time since I have picked up a book and read it from front to back and really immersed myself in the story that leaps out of the pages. To add, it has been a long time since I have done so with a nice cup of tea from my own teapot…[hellooo segue :P].

This is where I found myself; book-less and tea-less from my lack of teapot..ness. Until I visited T2 and bought myself a pretty teapot from their current collection, and purchased two books I have been meaning to read. I felt such a sense of accomplishment (sad, but true). I had finally found a teapot which I was happy with! (I am not sure why I harbour such a sensitivity to a teapot’s image? Perhaps it stems from the fact that teapots are as decorative as they are functional. At least, that is my excuse.) and also I am finally reading the last Harry Potter installment; The Deathly Hallows. I have no idea how I have managed to come this far without being confronted by a spoiler, I intend on reading it before the next film opens.

Now, where do accessories fall into this equation?..

Quite easily, and on a plate actually… all thanks to Q-pot accessories.

I stumbled across this amazing line whilst I was browsing at a store within the CBD called, Via Alley. It is a Sydney based chain store which specialises in importing the finest of creative and beautiful pieces which are not found within Australia. Each of Via Alley’s stores displays a unique variety of clothing, accessories, jewellery, cameras, home ware, media and even toys! All of which are created from their rich list of over fifty artists and designers around the globe. (spoilt for choice? Definitely.) You can find a list of all their stores and also purchase their items conveniently online at their website.

Via Alley, The Galeries Victoria on George St, Sydney

Image| via

Tadaaki Wakamatsu (Harajuku/Tokyo, Japan), creator of Q-pot accessories, is easily one of my favourite picks within the Via Alley stores. Q-pot’s designs are inspired by cakes and desserts; transforming tasty treats into deliciously wearable jewellery. They are fashioned together with such detail that it is hard to not feel a little bit peck-ish when you admire them. I could not help myself from adding a little sweetness into my wardrobe with a cupcake necklace.

Each Q-pot piece comes with a sealable bag to protect it from damage and maintain it’s original condition. Via Alley is the only Sydney stockist of Q-pot, however you can find out more about Q-pot and a list of all stockists via the official website .


As I end this post, the weekend is soon drawing to an end….how bitter sweet…

That being said, the weekend is also like a long distance love; you rejoice as it comes to visit not too often, for it to only to stay for a moment and leave you longing for when it returns, and the wait seems longer than ever.


So true.

Hope you are enjoying the last of the weekend :)