The return of Peter Pan :)

by lgreendoor

I am sure that many of you can recall a time when you have a picture or a vision of a garment fit for a particular occasion in time. You know exactly what you want it to look like. The style, shape, the fit, colour, material… it is all there in your head, ready and waiting to be worn (you can even envision yourself strutting down the street in this amazing new number with envious heads turning… admit it … you do).

However the cruel part of this perfect story is… cannot find it in the ‘real’ world….and no matter how hard you look, nothing remotely close to it will tick all the criteria boxes you have on your ‘perfect item’ list.

It was only days ago that I found myself ranting on the phone to a friend in Melbourne about how distraught I was last year at my inability to locate my perfect peter pan collared shirt. Such a way to live up to it’s name… (I thought)……  

Not.  Any.  More.

Which is why I am jumping up and down uncontrollably like a Justin Bieber crazed groupy that these cute little collars are making a quick return to the fashion scene.

When I think of peter pan collars, I visualise tea dresses with your girlfriends at a tea party, proper and quaint outfits, with a crisp and social feel. It is a unique and special design that leaves a note of innocence and class from it’s vintage heritage. The most lovable thing about the peter pan is that it can be worn all year round (as long as you have prepared yourself with appropriate sleeves and material per season).

Though I have yet to still find “the one” …it is comforting to see more and more glimpses of the peter pan collar. If you could say so, it is like the new brogue shoe. Once forgotten, then revived and now as lively as ever. (yay!)

My latest peter pan find was located at ASOS. You can also find a selection of peter pan collars or round tip collars at American Apparel and Gary Pepper Vintage will be letting some peter pan love loose very soon within their winter collection!

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[ images created via instagram ]

I shall leave you with this tonight;

Originally, Peter Pan’s outfit was made of autumn leaves and cobwebs, and the character was often played by an adult women on stage….I am not sure if that makes a connection to the peter pan collar at all..perhaps it is the women part…or not. 

Hope you are having a great week, and are keeping dry (it is raining by the bucket load where I am!).

Until next time x.