Young Talent Time.

by lgreendoor

You can learn so much from the people around you. The learning could be simple and logical or it could be a lesson learnt that opens your eyes to more opportunities and sometimes causes you to lose sleep in deep thought.

It could be expected from a person, and often it can come as a delighting surprise.

Two people in particular have brought me to compose this post tonight….

One is an individual of a high calibre intelligence. A well respected man who is admired by many. Last week he presented his thoughts to my peers and I about the importance of self, and the importance of the values that individuals hold true to themselves. He spoke about integrity, honour, truth, loyalty and achievement and that these values were those that he held above all others. To cut a long story short, he highlighted the dilemma when people face when challenged with choice; and noted that it is common to find that changing circumstances within these choices, cause the values which people feel strongly about to sway in perspective, and thus can lead to an inbalance in the degree of importance that these values have….and his story ended with a lesson, and also a favour owed towards self; to never let anything, or circumstance influence how you, as a person, respect and appreciate your values- because it will keep you grounded.

The second is a young girl whom I cherish [Bianca Lai]. She surprises me more often than none with her growing intelligence and natural creativity. I can definitely say out loud on this forum that she is a reminder to me of how brilliant young minds can be, and a testament to aspiring young people. Her passion and drive encourage me to do the same and also strive for my dreams and what I hope for in success and fulfillment. Today she caught me on a phone call, and amongst all her hysteric gasps of excitement she managed to let me know that her creativity in photography had been publicly acknowledged!

She has been shortlisted under Australia’s Nathional Youth Week SnapIT Junior’s People Choice Award (what a mouthfull!) You will have to check it out yourselves to really see how effortlessly touching her work is here.

You can also view the other candidates who have photographed a submission to create awareness around missing persons, youth and families.

Voting for this competition ends Friday June 10, EST at 11:59pm


What better way to start a new week with inspiration and insight…

Be on the look out at Little Green Door for my next post coming soon. VERY soon :)