Mother’s Day

by lgreendoor

Today marks the first mother’s day that I spent away from my mother after moving to Sydney last year.

It is such a strange feeling not to be celebrating this special day with her, and since leaving Melbourne, there is no telling how much I have learned to appreciate every single thing my mum has done for me.  (Thanks mum! :) )

I find that each year it becomes more and more difficult to think of ways to portray how much my mum means to me, because each year there seems to be fewer and fewer gift ideas which seem adequate enough for what I believe she deserves.

If you struggled this year, something which you may want to consider for your mother next year is something creative and intricate.

A gift made from the heart is a beautiful way to show someone you care :) and a great way to channel your creativity and individuality in a piece. And better yet, it would be unique and one-of-a-kind :)

Wood Be Crafty is a craft store based in the north eastern Melbourne suburb of Macleod. It specialises in craftwork, folk art and decorative painting, and is the perfect place to find some inspiration (and material) to develop your masterpiece and relax in your creative mind or purchase a range of hand painted products. Apart from this, Wood Be Crafty also offers a selection of intimate classes to learn traditional techniques and styles of craftwork.

Hand painted decorative box|


On that note, I leave you with one thing that really stood out for me today, a passage which was written on facebook; It really solidified the notion to me that time is precious; you only have the ability to live once, so live now and make the time to show those you love how much they mean to you.


At 3 years ”Mummy I love you.” At 10 years ”Mum whatever.” At 16 years “My mum is so annoying.” At 18 years “I’m leaving this house.” At 25 years ”Mum, you were right”. At 30 years ”I want to go to Mum’s house.” At 50 years ”I don’t want to lose my mum.” At 70 years “I would give up everything to have my mum here with me.”

Happy Mothers day to all mothers <3