Winter Bliss.

by lgreendoor

Whenever the seasons change, it often brings about a typical discussion amongst my friends and I.

The weather.

It is a conversation that leaves us with a debatable question…  which season is the best? Some prefer the warmth of summer, the rusty colours of autumn, and the fresh smell of spring…

For me, winter is a time where I look forward to certain seasonal traditions.

Cool crisp mornings, and snuggling up under a warm duna with somebody you love <3. Warm hot chocolate with delicious sweet treats, wholesome dinners and hearty, comforting soups to keep the chills at bay. Enjoying the glassy scenery that emerges from reflections in puddles, or catching up with friends in a toasty room over laughs.

One thing in particular that gets me really excited over winter is, of course,  the fashion !!! :)

I love winter fashion.

This season allows you to be incredibly creative, because there are so many more components available to play with. Layers, along with the introduction of deeper, bolder colours opens up the door to more dimension in your overall look.

Widening the variety of my winter wardrobe this year is something I continue to explore and I am so excited to share it with you….

woollen jacket|sportsgirl . jumper|mango . skirt|banana republic . shoes|wittner shoes . socks|rubi shoes . lipstick|chanel

jumper|asos . scarf|vintage . bag|manly market stalls . denim|country road . shoes|wittner shoe

coat|miss shop myer . shirt|don’t ask amanda . shorts|boutique . hosiery|sportsgirl . shoes|vintage

cardigan|asos . blouse|asos . skirt|asos . hosiery|calvin klein . shoes|asos . bag|manly market stall

location| sydney university . photography| KnM photo ( & don lai photography

What I am looking forward to and loving about this winter’s fashion is librarian chic, long skirts, warm coats, check patterns and and particularly CRANBERRY red. There’s something about cranberry red that injects some vibrance and sophistication into the winter. For me, the attractiveness of the hue is all about its richness. It has a undeniable warmth that is almost aristocratic and at the same time inviting. With such a strong yet feminine presence, I can’t help but think of the 40s and channel some grace in there too.

What are you looking forward to this winter?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Looking forward to showing you more ideas for winter :)