Installment One.

by lgreendoor

These past few months have been a busy ride to say the least.

You definitely cannot underestimate how much time management can influence what you could achieve at any moment.

Time constraint is something that takes a while to get used to, particularly when you endeavour to chase more than one dream in order to find your true calling.

Dwelling on that… it is probably likely that even a person with a rich profile of achievements still finds themselves wishing that they had more time. Why is that? Would that be a result of a strong drive towards success? Or would that desire to ‘always want more’ be catalysed by society’s ever changing ideal of what is considered a ‘perfect’ lifestyle?

Hmmm…some food for thought for you.

Enough with the D&M for today, what I am really excited to post about is that within the next few weeks Little Green Door will finally reveal it’s first photo shoot to showcase some winter fashion ideas.

Stay tuned; and I hope you will enjoy.