We have ignition.

by lgreendoor

It is such an exciting moment to finally begin the adventure…

There are so many things that make life that much sweeter, and it is amazing how for different people, all sorts of different things can bring out the same feeling of passion, love and pure joy from people. Whether it be sport, education, cooking, cleaning (?), welfare, people, arts, travel, leisure (the list is endless), people find something unique within these interests that speak to them, and drive them to continue to follow and fuel this flame.

For me, it is many things. Family, friends, food, fashion, music, art, and who knows what else will come along. However for now, my mission is to further investigate these interests and to relieve the itch of learning more about them, and to share the journey and discovery with you via this digital avenue of fashion lifestyle :)

So without further adieu,

I would like to welcome you all to the Little Green Door.