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Oriental Peak. Versatility Award.

Hi Readers,

I find myself blogging this afternoon because I cannot help but feel a sense of pride. A pride that seems to be fed more and more, as I notice and witness a certain change amongst the public eye.

Beauty can be portrayed and viewed in infinite ways. Even so, I believe that it has yet to be explored to it’s full potential. Magazine after magazine, spread after spread, time and time again like a broken record, the images of beauty that are splashed along these mediums project women of a certain build, height, and ethnicity. Blonde, wide eyed figures are what comes fresh to mind when I recall what I have seen. It is hard to believe that there is no prejudice or favouritism of what is considered as beautiful when those are the conditions we see, and I will admit, although these images are indeed exquisite and euphoric to the eye, it sometimes does little to my self esteem. I have learnt to filter it most of the time, but it is always something that used to play in my mind.  However, the little pride that resonates in my belly is growing…

It seems that trend of the same type of women is nearing it’s end. As more and more oriental faces are stapled on high fashion editorials, and countless magazine spreads. Some may argue that the change lies with economic circumstances. I say, who cares? it is a change nonetheless, and an amazing one at that. This is where I want to shout out to my fellow ‘yellow’ ladies, and high five them, because we are who we are (represent!). Whenever I see an oriental beauty on a magazine, or in an editorial, I could not be prouder, or happier to be asian :) Having said that, I believe that this is a sign that we will see more variation of faces in the lime light; where everyone can be appreciated, no matter what they look like on the outside.

Liu Wen (Marilyn) for Estee Lauder 2010 Campaign |  Tian Yi for Vogue China February 2012 | Tian Yi for Vera Wang S/S 12  |  Sui He for Vogue China, December 2011 – 3

On another note, Abi from ‘All Things Random by Abi’ (http://mizzabi.com) Nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much for the nomination Abi :) I would like to take the opportunity to thank those who have taken the time to read my blog, and especially those who encouraged me to start it up and helped me do so. I hope that you will all continue to follow my journey, and support my blog :) you guys are the best !

So with this nomination comes a few little rules that come with the nomination which are:

  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
  2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
  3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog post.

7  random things about me:

  1. Ice cream is my all time favourite dessert, and Pandan Ice cream is probably my favourite at the moment.
  2. I have considered getting a tattoo several times over the past few years, but have yet to do so due to my indecisiveness.
  3. I have hyper-extended joints, which allows me to touch my wrists with my thumb.
  4. I am very, very sensitive about the moles/freckles on my face. I’m still learning to love them.
  5. My closest friends call me Panda.
  6. When I am not controlled I eat like a Panda.
  7. I am obsessed with Instagram!

My nominations are:

  1. http://styleonthecouch.com/
  2. http://pierogipicnic.com
  3. http://rawrrrfashion.wordpress.com
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  9. http://fishingforfashion.wordpress.com
  10. http://abovestandardissue.wordpress.com
  11. http://suelovesnyc.com

I could not think of who else to nominate. I felt that it was best to nominate people I read, rather than fill up the quota :)

Hope you have all had a great week so far,

Shout out to April Purcia Dilao, rawrrrfashion, miss L, and Angus, Welcome :)

Until next time



L is in the air.

Hello Readers,

L. You all know the word. I find myself blogging about it this afternoon because for the first time in a long time, I have been able to see it with a clear conscious and further realize how dear that word is. I used to be someone who used it frequently, and handed it out like a free coupon. Then one day, the consequence of that hit me hard. I had reduced the meaning of the word, and I realized how there was now no other word that could really express how I felt. Truly. For treating it that way, it had lost its purpose and was no longer special. Like an obedient pet it became the very thing I had conditioned it to be; a cheap, free coupon.

So now what? Well, I treat it with respect, and like a precious penny, I use it wisely.

– It always comes in threes –

When it seems that life has a reoccurring theme you may have heard this superstitious phrase casually thrown about. I am not usually the superstitious kind, but I do find circumstances that lead me to believe that there may be some kind of truth to it. Either that or once it has been brought to my attention; whatever it is becomes that much easier to spot.

What I have been noticing of late is that there is something in the air. It seems that cupid has been hovering around town and shooting arrows like no tomorrow….and for that, I say thank you to the butt naked little guy.

It’s so exciting for me to see someone become infatuated. To witness their romance unfold like a real time chick flick, and watch them walk as though they are lighter than a feather being swept by the wind. Watching them smile at a message received from ‘you know who’ (even if it is Voldemort), and hear their music play list transform to one that is not too different from an evening on the radio with Richard Mercer and his love song dedications.

It must be the fact that it makes me think of a new L. The highs and then the higher highs. Even so, when I really consider L, I am happiest when I have the opportunity to see old people on the street holding hands. For me, it is an image of a long lasting journey.

I found this little vintage beauty last year in Sydney when I visited GPV at the Bondi markets. The lace detail leading to the sweet heart neckline is definitely what caught my eye. To me, it is such a sweet dress and it reminds me of romance.

People say that it can be the longest road to find your “other half”. That may be true, however I find comfort in knowing that people have searched, and in the end found Love.

However, for now, I am content.

A huge shout out to Abi, and Santa Breganza- Welcome :)

Until next time,


Wakarimasen & Ho Ho Ho!

Hello Readers!

Firstly, I hope you all had a marvelous and festive Christmas, and that you are preparing your livers and bellies for the continued monstrosity of binge eating and drinking (ha!). I remember when I was a little girl; I used to hang out for the holiday season. As I recall it was absolutely agonizing! It would always be the longest wait, and back in primary school, I always found myself having to make Christmas count downs of all sorts each year, and it would always kill me knowing I had to count down from 25 days. Cruel much?

It definitely has taken a different turn this year. 2011’s Christmas seemed to creep up behind me without me noticing, and it brought its New Year 2012 friend along too. “Double the effect” was probably the idea behind this scare tactic.

Surprised as I may be, I will admit that I am not as paranoid about the New Year as other, more paranoid individuals may be (what? with this apocalyptic fever lingering in the air). Yes, contrary to this, I have a jittery buzz in my belly that’s making my brain have reason to believe that, for me, 2012 is going to be amazing. I welcome it with open arms, like a new face you know will become a close friend.

Maybe this inspiration I am harbouring has been fuelled by a series of things. The latest was on Christmas day. I received a book as a gift from my sister. “Now Is the Time” by Patrick Lindsay. A delectable little hard cover; containing page after page of inspirational messages for its reader. If you are struggling to think of a New years resolution, you’ll definitely find something that you will be driven to follow from this book.

On a completely different note, I thought I’d post a look I put together the other day. I love experimenting with different textures, particularly for really simple looks. I feel that it can add dimension and bring interest into an ensemble. Just as colours do. Some might think that I probably could do with some more fitted garments in my wardrobe, but I like the flow and structure of a loose top on my shoulders (Plus it is hella comfy haha). I teamed this burnt orange shirt with some shorts with a faded check, and suede green heels (which I brought over from Japan, because I fell in love with them). You’ll notice the leather camera case, which I mentioned in my previous post. I was finally united with it whilst I was overseas. It’s from KAZA Deluxe, a business that prides itself on hand made leather cases. There are cases for specific models of cameras, so depending on your model, you could add some vintage-esque beauty to your picture taker too.

I felt a simplistic look with minimal accessories was appropriate on this occasion, but a few gold bangles and brass jewelry would not have gone astray here.

top . sportsgirl  |  shorts . mink pink  |  heels . osaka,japan  |  accessories .  vintage & pandora 

Photos courtesy of -smilesunshine

If I haven’t made this post long enough, I thought I’d show you some snaps I took whilst I was there, perhaps in an attempt to convince you that you too should also make your there some time soon :) Along with those I have already posted on Instagram :)

OKAY. I’m out.

Until next time!!!


Yes, they are the coolest.

Good evening readers. Or should I say good morning, as it is past midnight now. A post in such early hours indeed.

As I am typing away I am in the most anxious mood. Sitting here, I am jittery, and quite wide eyed. Which is appropriate.

Japan is only hours away, and I am attempting to ease the long flight by staying up, and becoming as tired as possible to literally “skip” it and wake up to find I have already landed. Well, that is the plan anyway.

So before I do embark on my trip, I decided to make a post and touch base with you.

A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of spending time with my godmother, and her partner at their lovely home in Watsonia. It is always a joy to visit them. They are two of the most beautiful people in the world. Honestly. Every close friend of mine who has met them or been within their presence has only relayed to me how cool these crazy kids are. Yes, they are the coolest.

There are always good times to be had at the house of Shane and Cheryl (and Branson- the biggest puppy in the world). Anyone who is lucky enough to know them would probably agree when I say it is almost like coming home..except… it isn’t your home. If I could give you a better explanation of what it is like, going to Shane and Cheryl’s for me is like Harry Potter heading back to Hogwarts. Ha!

I will put it down to their incredibly warm nature, and the fact that these two individuals have many welcoming talents, that both amaze and awe me. The Mrs. I have known since I was born. She is blessed with creative wealth, and when I visited this week, their home was adorned with the annual nutcracker figurines and artwork she so effortlessly produces. The Mr., I have known since I was only eight, and he is like a wizard in the kitchen. He bakes, he roasts, he stir fries, he wood-fire-ovens, he brews…well, he basically masterchefs, and I cannot be happier being his guinea pig when required to test his latest cuisine or plum wine (mmmmm plum wine).

On this occasion my plum wine was accompanied with a classic roast, with the classic roast veggies, of course. With a side of hysterical laughs, d and m’s, followed by delicious tart tatin for dessert and some scruffing the dog’s ears as well.


A perfect way to send me off overseas; with friends. Neigh. Family, that remain ever close even with plenty of time apart.

Those are the qualities in friendships that people should seek, and once found, should never lose.

Until next time readers,

If you are up reading this as I post, you are amazing. I shall do my best to post whilst I am overseas.


New Beginnings.

Hello Readers!

My absence can only be explained by one thing….. Bugs.

Bugs, with a disease of neglect. Infecting me with their dirty non-frequent blogging habits, preventing me from being or becoming the better blogger I hope to be…

Okay, let’s face it, most of you readers, and fellow bloggers will know well enough that the absence is only really my fault. I feel terrible for blogging about this again for the third time!

I can make it up to you readers, I can, because there has been a lot to warrant my disappearance since my last post.

…….(wait for it)…….

I quit my job,

and moved back to Melbourne.


Such a drastic story? ..Yes, and No.

Despite the relaxation and warmth of returning home, I am sad to leave the city of Sydney behind, there were good times to be had there (even though Melbourne is better- excuse my Melbournian patriotism). I miss all the people that enriched my life up there. The people that supported me, and the people that took me under their wing and adopted me into their friendship groups, and families (Shout out to you all, sending you hugs and kisses).

As I spoke of in my previous posts, I had struggled with what I was doing at the time in Sydney and whether that particular line of work and lifestyle was what I truly desired. I think the decision to walk away from that, by far, has been one of the most difficult conversations I have had to myself. There was so much risk. The stakes were high, and the consequences great…. but I did it.

I chose to take a leap of faith.

I cannot describe to you, how free and excited I feel at this present moment. It is quite liberating, and alarming all at once, being that I made a choice to free myself….to numerous more choices.

So over the next following posts, you will be able to see what I get myself up to with all this time I have now gained. What journeys will come next? Plenty of exciting ones at that.

My sister and I will finally be heading off to Japan in ten days. I’ll be sure to document what our silly selves get up to with my camera! I received my Olympus Pen EP3 a few days ago, and I am…stoked :D I am absolutely in love with it. As Olympus puts it, “most people think that a cool new camera has to look like it came from the future, the PEN looks like it came from your dad”. I’ve just placed an order for some camera accessories to suit the vintage feel of the PEN, I will keep you updated on how it looks.

dress | Johann Earl .  nails | American Apparel 

Images courtesy of Ms. B

Before then, I’ll be brushing up on some needed photography skills for Japan.

Until next time,


Light creeping through an ajar door.

It has been a while since my last post, and with all the drama happening in my world at the moment I’m starting to feel I could really consider myself trying a hand at soap opera acting one time. Seriously, it is like I have walked onto the set of the “Days of Our Lives” minus the fuzzy filter and the glow of a down light.

“When one door closes, another door opens”

This is what I have been reminding myself in light of situations at the moment. I can definitely say, it is the wait that is absolutely killing me right now. Or more, the anticipation.

The other question that is constantly invading my mind is “what if?”. I am so eager to find out what life has install for me in the next few months! I can be impatient like that, but it is only because I am so excited to hit the ground running with whatever it is that I am going to face.

Learning to accept or let go of something that has been a part of your life for a significant amount of time is a tough lesson at that. I am experiencing exactly how hard it can be to hold yourself back from lingering on what it was and remember things that you enjoyed about it, because that is just it, you enjoyed it, or even loved it. However I find that after you have spent the time you need to really reflect, mourn or treasure that past, you accept that some things will run its course and eventually come to an end. I can feel that I am slowly conquering those temptations to clutch onto a good thing, and it is becoming easier to look forward to that door opening to reveal something different, where a new adventure awaits.

Speaking of new adventures, the other news that I am looking forward to is my next trip overseas. Quite spontaneous, my sister and I booked tickets to Japan in late November. My last trip overseas was just over two years ago, and it was also to Japan. My revisit there is to share Japan with my sister, and also to explore the cities in more depth. I absolutely fell in love with the country and its people and I cannot wait to fall in love with it all over again. I’ll be ordering a new piece of technology to help me take some happy snaps whilst I’m there to share with you all :)

The last thing I’ll leave you with tonight is a snippet of a vintage dress a dear friend of mine gave to me which came from a cute little vintage shop called Frippery on Smith St, in Collingwood, Melbourne.  If you are ever in the area, you must stick your head in and have a peak, because the store is adorned with gorgeous vintage pieces from shoes to prom dresses. Just an absolute delight.  I love this shirt dress because it is so light, and neutral, and is perfect to throw a pair of brogues with. For me, it is a great way to channel some simple elegance. Maybe it is because it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.


dress | Frippery Vintage  .  shoes | Sportsgirl  .  hosiery | ASOS   



Parisian note.

Evening Readers,

As I sit in my bed, legs crossed with my netbook on my lap, I am listening to the gorgeous voice of Mindy Gledhill. It is so hard to suppress the feeling of wanting to jump up and down on my bed in an attempt to dance air born, but I have to pass up the opportunity to possibly break through the floor to avoid awaking my roomy and neighbours. I find her music is so calming, and innocent that it makes me reminisce of spinning on a merry-go-round, whilst my hair becomes tangled from the wind in the momentum.

Tonight is just a quick post to show you an outfit I conjured after receiving my skirt from my friend Lacy at Lace Frippery.  I am looking forward to wearing this straw hat more often this spring. It was a gift from one of my best friends last year for my birthday, and it has been a season gone, and a year past and I did not really optimize the opportunity to be sun smart with it. For me, the combination of the peter pan collar, polka dot skirt, and hat unintentionally exuberates a Parisian feel. The flattering cut of the skirt introduces shape at the waist for a chic silouhette.

top | GPV   .   skirt | Lace Frippery   .   hat | gift   .   shoes | vintage

What do you think of this look, and what are you channelling as inspiration?

Until next time :)







Colour blocktastic.

Hi Readers,

I cannot believe I am hours away from turning 23.
In fact, I cannot believe I have been in such a crazy mess of a few weeks that I completely lost track that it was
coming around the corner, let alone the fact that we are already in September! (before we know it we’ll be grilling fresh prawns and sea food and celebrating merry festivities and the beginning of a new year).

Winter, itself has almost vanished (though it barely stayed around for long in Sydney), and now Spring beckons to fill our gardens with vibrant flowers, and our sinuses with horrid hay-fever (nooo!). Thus, a new season also calls upon a change in the wardrobe. The trend which you probably have also seen being splashed about like no tomorrow, takes the form of bright bold colours, which you pair together to colour block.

Walking through a store that embraces the latest look is a little like walking into The Wiggles wardrobe by accident at times. I have to admit that my eyes were a little sensitive to the drastic splashes of colour. Not to say that I was not willing to adventure in bold colouring, rather I felt that I’d be appreciative to an extent.

As such, I have made piece with the neon bright possibilities with this little beauty I snapped up from GPV’s collection. I had a bit of cheeky fun with the POP of the bright yellow. Cannot help but think of mango sorbet when I look at it. Deliciously yellow, don’t you think?

dress | GPV   .  shoes | sportsgirl   .   ears |  grown  

I’m looking into updating myself with some new technology soon. Any thoughts from readers about the Olympus Pen Ep-3?
On another note, this warmer weather is getting me pretty excited about sitting in the sun by the beach with some cool tunes, smooth ice cream, some good company and some tribal inspired looks too for the wardrobe :)

Hope you are as giddy as I am too.
Until next time,


Home Bakery.

Everyone experiences a little craze or new found glory at some stage, and it can happen often, and a lot for some.

Over the past few rainy weekends, my latest craze which I am channelling at home is baking!

Aside from my eager palette for sweet treats, baking was a great way for me to cure the boredom on a rainy day cooped up inside. Contrary to recent and latest reality cooking programs, baking can be quite calming.

I am sure many will agree with the fact that there is something satisfying about popping something in the oven, watching it bake, overloading your senses with the beautifully scented aromas that fill the kitchen, and finally relishing the taste (if successfully baked) with a cup of tea :)

I managed to make a candied lemon cake, some chocolate cupcakes, and tried my amateur hand cupcake decorating too!

Images via Instagram :) 

(I love IG!)

What do you get up to when you are itching to escape boredom?

Quick post today,

Until next time :)


AHW Creations.

Hellooooooo readers. I know I went missing again. I am truly sorry, and to make up for my absence I’m posting today about the artist that I mentioned in my previous post.

You will. Be. Pleased.

It is always so exciting when you come across something unique unexpectedly. The feeling is similar to finding some loose change or a coloured note you had initially stowed away in a jacket pocket, all this in the week you are becoming broke. (fist pump with a YES!)

Last post I blogged about a group of designers that I discovered at The Rocks Market a few weeks back, and I was very fortunate to catch up with one of the brains behind the innovative collection created by AHW Creations, Angus Zhao.

So who is Angus and what is AHW all about?

Speaking to Angus I sense that there is an immense appreciation for the simpler things in life. He points out that to him, today’s world fails to value simpler pleasures in life that are available literally under our nose, and a luxury does not have to be a designer bag worth your life savings, your arm and your friend’s arm too. It is what you make of it. ‘Like knowing your best friend who lives on the other side of town versus getting to know your neighbour who is right next door’.

AHW began and still is a family business, ‘ founded by [his] parents, and found by [him]’ . Naturally, with his creative background, Angus soon followed suit and after finishing his graphic design education at college, and with the support and encouragement from mother and father Zhao, he has been designing for the collection ever since.

The collection boasts a rich ensemble of jewellery and unique pieces of art created from the fusion of functionality and wear-ability from the simplicity of vintage watches. ‘Intercepting art where possible’ AHW prides itself on sourcing vintage watches, or watches that are broken beyond repair to expose and reveal the pure essence of a watch’s mechanical beauty behind its face and juxtapose it with Victorian elegance. Transforming the ordinary, to extraordinary. (Not to mention the browny points there for recycling!)

My own piece of mechanical elegance complete with a card detailing the watch’s model.

bracelet  |  AHW Creations 

Drawing inspiration from fashion houses such as G-star, mechanical structure, and elegant fashion, AHW strives to utilise it’s steampunk style to ‘mix the past and the future together in harmony’. Creating each piece individually to accentuate it’s raw beauty.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”…After today’s post you have to admit there is definitely new meaning attached with the phrase.

If you ever get the opportunity to delight over the pieces yourself, definitely do so! You will not be disappointed.

Hope you are having a marvellous week in the chill.

Until next time